Customizable Oilfield Services for Denver, CO

Your worksite is the heart of your business, and in order to keep your business going, you need streamlined and efficient delivery systems and supplies. When you need custom oilfield services and solutions, look no further than 5280S Services, LLC. We offer our clients a wide range of oilfield services and do so with your business’s best interest in mind.

Customizable Oilfield Services

Working on an oilfield is a tricky operation, so if you are currently working on one in Denver, CO, make your operation as efficient as possible with the services that we offer. From water transfer and management to roustabout crews and trucking, we can help you with every step of the process. The best part is that our services are customizable, so you will always receive the exact help that you need.

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Water Transfer Services

We provide you water to location on time with our exceptional crews and equipment. We know that well completions involve many services working in unison. Reliable water to location is as vital as any. We want you to be confident that providing water to your operation along with consistency and safety is our priority.

  • Pumps
  • Manifolds
  • Filter Pods
  • Layflat Hose
  • Road Crossings
  • AST’s

5280S Services, LLC Water Transfer Systems

Water Management

Treatment, testing and line optimization.

  • Water Treatment
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Water Line Engineering

Water Sourcing

We work with state, county and landowners in your basin to source water and get all usage agreements necessary to ensure the water you need is on location and ready for use.

  • Right-of -way
  • State, County, Landowner usage agreements

Secondary Containment

Protecting the environment is part of our mission statement. Let us help you keep your location safe with our industry leading custom containment systems.

  • Single tank liners for rent all sizes, RPE liner or Rig Grip (repairs are free; includes mobilization & demobilization)
  • Single tank liners for sale all sizes, RPE Liner or Rig Grip (we are available for repair if damaged) pick up and drop off available
  • Full pad containment RPE Liner or Rig Grip available (mobilization & demobilization)
  • Tank Battery containment RPE Liner or Rig Grip, liner only or we can also install the walls, foam, pea gravel, and stairs
  • Muscle wall and containment for flow back and pump down (mobilization & demobilization)

Water Containment

Let us install your pit liner, or we can repair the one you have.

  • Pit and Pond, set up and repairs

P & A Support

Need help with your emissions? We can safely combust those emissions so you can work safely on your wells while protecting the environment and remaining compliant with state and local regulations. With industry leading safety systems such as our AFEX Fire Suppression Systems on every burner and ESD’s on every 3 Phase Separator, we go above and beyond the industry standard.

  • Separators
  • Incinerators

Safety Rentals

Safety trailers are available for your operations.

  • Safety Showers (daily rental)


Let us haul it or move it for you!

  • Semi
  • Flat bed
  • Step-Deck
  • Winch
  • Hot-Shots

Pressure Washing

Fleet washing, on location when you need it!

  • Mobile units

Roustabout Crews

If you need a hand, we have you covered. Our crews are experienced and available on short notice to help support your operational needs.

  • Safe, Experienced, Professional Crews